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Five types of security systems to consider for business premises

It pays to invest in security systems for business premises. Learn about five security systems to consider. Picture Shutterstock
It pays to invest in security systems for business premises. Learn about five security systems to consider. Picture Shutterstock

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Do you own a business with physical premises, such as an office, warehouse, retail outlet or other type of store?

Running your own business can be profitable and fulfilling - financially and emotionally.

But there's a heap of responsibility too, especially if you employ others and have clients or customers who rely on you.

That's why it pays to invest in security systems for your business premises. You want your staff safe, your stock safeguarded, and your premises protected.

This helpful article will share five security systems to consider for your premises. Read on to learn more.

One: Security Camera Systems

One of the best security camera systems is closed-circuit television (CCTV), otherwise known as surveillance systems. You want a security camera system that monitors your entrances and exits 24/7. This is an essential investment for any business with physical premises.

CCTV systems are a great type of security because they capture images of any criminals who might try to break into your business location. You can then share the footage with the authorities, who can investigate and hopefully dispense some well-deserved justice to those responsible for the break-in. And, like many other forms of business security, visible security cameras are an excellent deterrent against potential crime, and their presence can be enough to turn away would-be robbers, who will opt for an easier, softer target that CCTV does not protect.

Furthermore, your business can use CCTV to help solve crimes within the security systems range. This is a great way to be an upstanding citizen. Say, for instance, someone has their car broken into in front of your business. The footage from your security system can be used as vital evidence for the police.

Two: Access Control Systems

Setting up your business premises with access control systems is another excellent security measure you can invest in. These are smart door locks that open when you input the correct PIN. These are linked to your entrances and exits and will only work if someone has the correct access code. The doors will click open, allowing your staff to enter and exit and secure the building when they leave for the night.

If someone enters the incorrect code or attempts entry without the proper credentials, it can warn your security company, who can contact you to verify if it was staff, yourself or a nefarious type.

Three: Invest in Alarm Systems

Another essential type of business security is an alarm system. These systems are designed to generate an alert or notification if motion is detected in your business location upon shutting up for the night or if the doors are opened without the access code mentioned above. The security company can then contact you or your business manager so someone can return to the premises to investigate and see if there has been a break-in.

In addition to sending an alert to a security company or your phone, an alarm system can be fitted with a loud Klaxon alarm bell, which can scare bandits and send them running for the hills without their ill-gotten gains from your warehouse or office.

Four: Physical Security Measures

Some types of security have been around for hundreds of years. Padlocks, locks, gates, barriers, barred windows, and other physical security measures are well worth the investment, in addition to the other security measures mentioned in this article. They will help secure your business and also provide a strong deterrent for any dodgy types who might be casing the joint.

Unlike the other digitised security systems and monitoring systems we've outlined above, physical security systems are advantageous in that they can't be hacked into. The only way to bypass a physical lock is either to break it or to actually lock it (i.e. be the keyholder). And if you're investing in durable and high-performance physical security measures, then you can safeguard your business premises from the threat of trespassers.

Five: The Digital World - Cybersecurity

Speaking of hacking, it's also worth mentioning that all businesses nowadays are vulnerable to cyberattacks. That's what makes cybersecurity our final and perhaps one of the most vital types of security systems as well.

Cybersecurity is a term for business security measures related to your company's internet network systems, such as intranets (internal networks) and connections to the external internet. Companies with a high-speed NBN internet connection can be vulnerable to malicious cyber attacks or software, such as ransomware, malware, spyware, viruses, worms, and trojan horses.

Businesses like yours can invest in different cybersecurity measures such as antivirus programs, cyber-surveillance tools and firewall applications to protect from external threats and service attacks. This software can stop hackers and crackers from gaining access to your systems. Antivirus software can stop viruses, spyware and malware from getting through your network and destroying or stealing valuable customer and business data. Ransomware is also a significant security risk in this day and age, as you've probably seen on the news with some high-profile attacks against large companies.

Other cybersecurity prevention techniques can include staff education and upskilling, such as teaching your employees how to identify a phishing attempt.

A Business Security Summary

This informative article has shared five essential security systems for your business premises, including cybersecurity prevention and education for your team. All of these systems, when working in unison, will provide excellent protection and deterrents for your business.