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What employees want from their break room

Creating an inviting environment in the office is becoming increasingly important for companies hoping to attract top talent. Picture from Shutterstock.
Creating an inviting environment in the office is becoming increasingly important for companies hoping to attract top talent. Picture from Shutterstock.

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Employees often spend a significant part of their day in the break room, whether it be for lunch, a quick snack, or just to catch up with coworkers.

For these reasons and more, many employers are taking an extra step in making sure that the space serves its purpose.

The break room should be kept clean and comfortable; it's not only about pleasing aesthetics but also about creating a positive and restful environment for employees to rejuvenate during breaks during the workday.

Here are some of the simple additions you can make to your office break room that will help staff be happy and more productive:

Access to quality tea and coffee

Every employee wants their break room to be comfortable and inviting during their ten-minute breaks or lunch periods.

A great way for employers to make sure that feels possible is through coffee machine hire. When employees can access premium-quality coffee and other beverages, it significantly adds to the overall break room experience.

Not only does it leave them feeling relaxed, but also more energised to return to work after a short break. Buying a coffee machine for the office or giving the green light for coffee machine hire can help employers create the perfect atmosphere for their break room so that their staff always has something to look forward to during those well-deserved breaks throughout their hectic day.

Functional amenities like microwaves

Companies of all sizes are recognising the importance of providing functional amenities to their employees in the breakroom.

From microwaves to adequately stocked kitchens and even food delivery services, these amenities can not only make a breakroom an inviting place for employees but can also benefit morale.

Evidence suggests that improved employee morale is linked to higher productivity and motivation levels in the workplace.

With this strong connection between job performance and amenities, it's becoming increasingly popular for employers to consider what they can do for their employees when it comes to break room amenities.

A clean and orderly environment

Employees want to feel comfortable during their break times, and one of the best ways to do this is to provide a clean, organised break room.

An orderly workplace not only has aesthetic benefits but also fosters productivity. Additional research suggests that workers have greater satisfaction when their environment is kept tidy and clutter-free.

Moreover, studies show that following basic sanitation practices can help reduce employee illnesses and help maintain a healthy work environment.

As such, providing a clean and orderly break room should be a priority for any business looking to get the most out of its workers.

Healthy snacks and drinks

Providing snacks and drinks in the break room is a great way to show your employees that you care about their well-being.

Ensuring healthy options such as fresh produce, low fat snacks and pure fruit juices will not only help them start their day off right, but will also give them the energy boost they need for productive work throughout the day.

The cost of such items is minimal compared to other major investments but can reap significant rewards such as increased morale from employees who see that their needs are being taken into account.

Making sure the break room has healthy options available is an easy way for employers to go above and beyond for those who work hard for their business.

Games or activities

Games and activities in the break room can be a great way for employees to relax and rejuvenate during work hours.

Whether it's a game of ping pong, some paper-and-pencil puzzles, or a deck of cards, having something upbeat and engaging during breaks can help employees refocus afterwards.

Not only this, but studies have found that such games and activities can increase collaboration between coworkers since they promote team building and better communication outside of their actual responsibilities. This has even been proven to lead to improved employee morale and increased productivity long term/

Introducing a few fun activities into your break room is an excellent idea for any organisation interested in seeing positive results from their employees.

Interactive or collaborative spaces

It comes as no surprise that more and more employers are recognizing the value of giving their employees a break room with collaborative or interactive spaces.

Research has consistently shown that workers thrive in social, comfortable areas away from their desks and cubicles which can help to boost morale and productivity.

Employers are investing in features such as games, snack bars, innovative furniture, private pods and even virtual reality setups to create an atmosphere where employees feel supported and motivated when they take a break. The right collaborative space can become the hub of cross-pollinated ideas that stimulates creativity and collaboration among team members.

As such, creating an inviting environment in the office is becoming increasingly important for companies hoping to attract top talent.

Putting effort into your employee break room can be an easy and effective way to show your employees you care about them.

Not only will useful items such as microwave ovens and a refrigerator keep employees energised during the workday, but such amenities will also make them feel appreciated, increasing their satisfaction level at the job and motivating them to work harder.

Ultimately, by following our simple guide and creating a productive space for employees to enjoy their breaks, you are investing in the morale of your workplace and setting yourself up for future success.