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Interior improvements: How to bring your bathroom into the 21st century

Interior improvements: How to bring your bathroom into the 21st century

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When homes start to date, you can see it the most clearly in your bathroom. Whilst the outdated living room could be seen as retro, with potential, or the ageing exterior provides some nostalgia and holds appeal as a "fixer upper", the bathroom, however, does not have the same rose coloured glasses appeal.

The fluorescent lighting proves to be deeply unpleasant first thing in the morning, and those old faucets do not give the desired effect when it comes to water pressure. So, how exactly do you fix this ancient relic and bring it into the modern age? Well, if you read on, we've got the answers for the ultimate bathroom update.

Do your research

Before you even think about switching anything up, you need to do your research. Those of us living in chilly Victoria know that you need good water pressure when you're pulling yourself out of bed to go to the bathroom first thing in the morning, so head down to one of the bathroom stores in Melbourne to get some inspiration for your ideal look.

You'll want to ensure that your bathroom is as functional as it is stylish, so speaking to qualified experts will really help you make an informed decision that you know you won't regret.

Doing anything from a slight alteration to a major overhaul can feel overwhelming when added to the mix of your daily routine, so getting an impartial third party involved will ensure that you get all the important information and non-negotiables achieved.

As well as function, the physical look of something can come across differently in person to online, so whilst you may think that a chic matte black faucet is the route you're wishing to take, when put in front of you, it may look too severe, and you'll find that you're actually a warm brass person.

Finally, the budget. You want your bathroom to look and feel updated and upgraded, but at what cost? You don't want to be taking out a second mortgage just to pay for a renovated bathroom? Getting yourself to a store where you can seek the opinion of an expert ensures that you get a fair and affordable price, and you're not left paying an exuberant amount for a singular room in your home.

Fix those fixtures

Something that will instantly age a space, is old and yellowing light fixtures. Older bathrooms are unfortunately victims of the extremely fluorescent lighting types that are extremely unflattering, for both you and the way it lights up the room.

So, with that in mind, it's time to switch those up for something a little softer. Opt for an LED or CFL fixture, and opt for one that has a low colour temperature, so as not to get such a harsh glare when you're washing your face first thing in the morning.

As well as those more logical aspects, don't stinge on wall lighting fixtures, or sconces. During your research stage, find one that matches the feel you want this room to give off, go for something that brings a little fun to the room, or alternatively, is an addition that makes your ageing bathroom a little more chic and grown up - it's all up to you and what you are after. But, one thing is for sure, these new light fixtures and adjoining decorative sconces will transform your bathroom's feel, and begin to put it on a more modern path.

Do the dirty work

Whilst most outdated bathrooms have a lot that needs doing in order to modernise and revitalise it, there is a simple starting point that requires some dirty work, but minimal funds. It's time to clean it up.

This extends beyond just getting out your scrubbing brush, an older bathroom's grout has often discoloured or diminished beyond repair years ago. So, begin with that. Regrouting is such a simple step but will take out the dirty and dull look that your tiles have taken on over the last several years, and make them look a whole light brighter and better.

To aid the new look that the new grout has given now is the time to dig out that scrubbing brush. For many of us, cleaning out the bathroom is definitely the least favourite household chore, but just like decluttering can do wonders for your living room, deep cleaning can have you seeing your bathroom in a whole new light, even before you put the new fixtures in.

Complete the look with new finishes

Finally, it's time to provide some new additions that will make your washroom unrecognisable. Your old faucets, handles and showerheads are doing this perfectly good space a complete disservice. These pieces are likely old, rusted, plagued with hard water stains, and likely went out of fashion many years ago.

Updating your bathroom with a fashionable brass handle, and matching faucets will make the rest of the space look retro and chic, rather than old and dingy. Plus, there are logistical benefits as well. Switching out your old showerhead to something more modern can improve the water pressure, especially when you pick a specialised kind.

You can even go so far as to switch out the old mirror with something with a little more personality, or one that matches your new and improved finishes. Plus, with a few little knickknacks, like a new vase, a cute cup to hold your toothbrushes, and a funky shower curtain, your bathroom will be your new favourite place. And, don't forget the toilet lid, that yellowing, plastic one is not bringing any value, so swapping it for an improved one will be completely worth it.

Updating your bathroom can be a laborious task, but completely worth it for your comfort, and for the general appeal and appearance when it's completed. So, with these simple tips and tricks, you'll be thrilled with the outcome. You may wish to stop there, or your DIY projects may wet your whistle for a full renovation, either way, we can't wait for you to see the results.