Members of Creswick Golf Club contest Robert George Memorial Cup

Members of Creswick Golf Club contested the Robert George Memorial Cup in the presence of three members of Robert’s family.

Three members of Robert's family, his son Matthew, son-in-law Jeremy and brother-in-law Brian Hepper played in the cup round, which was won by Rob Mayer with 43 points.


R. Mayer, 43; C. Perry, 41; M. Smith, 40; M. Lang, 39; J. Thomas 38

Comp Balls -

P Lockett, B Anstey, A Seamons, S Macaulay, R Harris, M Peters, R McLeod, K Atkinson, R Neville, T Cunnington, P Tacey, R Rosenow

NTP's -

8th R Rosenow, 13th C Perry, 17th M Lang

Punters -

3rd P Medic

Birdies -

6th M Lang, 3rd C Mytyk

Ferret draw - P Kluzek

Thursday Bag Boys comp

R Neville   38

C Perry   37

P Shelmerdine   36