August community grants

Hepburn Shire Council has announced the recipients of its 2018-19 Community Grants Program for the month of August.

The Community Grants Program allows council to support the work of community groups and organisations while allowing residents to get projects off the ground. 

Grants are funded under the categories of Sustainable Environment and Vibrant Economy, Active and Engaged Community and Quality Community Infrastructure. 

A total of eight applications were made for August’s grants while six applications were recommended for full funding, at a total cost of $9,385.

The first of these projects, applied for by Seed Cinema Inc. was for a free outdoor public screening of a year long film project for primary school aged children. This project received $2000.

In addition, the Eureka Orienteers Inc. applied for $2000 for the construction of a permanent orienteering course on Cornish Hill Reserve, which it received.

National Carriage Driving Victoria applied for funding for a two day carriage driving harness show at Kingston Showgrounds, for which it received $2000, while the Kingston Avenue of Honour Committee applied for $1385 to fund the recording of a commemorative song.

In addition, the Newlyn Community and Sporting Complex applied for $1000 to purchase a new refrigeration unit and the Creswick Men’s Shed applied for $1000 to purchase specialised equipment.

Council allocated $42,000 for community grants in its 2018-19 budget.

Following the allocation of grants in April 2018, a funding balance of $40,000 remained. 

Council acknowledged the allocation of $9385 was a significant amount but was agreed to as no applications had been received since April when the previous financial year’s funding was fully allocated.

The community grants program will close for the 2018-19 financial year once funding of $21,000 has been reached.