Creswick Golf Club's weekly results

On a perfect winter’s day, Barry Lamb hit the course early, and posted a terrific score to win Creswick Golf Club’s August Privilege Cup.


Barry Lamb, 41; Tim Kelly, 40; Steve Leonard; 36 c/b, Andrew Seamons 36

Comp Balls -

R Block, S Armstrong, J Mytyk, N Taylor, C Mytyk, R Harris, C Perry

NTP's -

3rd F Erkamps, 13th P Kiely, 17th T Beacham

Punters -

8th R Rosenow

Magpie -

4th S Armstrong

Ferrets -

J Taylor, C Pett, T Cunnington, P Bates

Birdies -

5th D Marshall, 16th T Kelly

Thursday Bag Boys Comp

P Kiely   43

P Shelmerdine   40

T Cunnington   39