Navy strength gin a win for local distillery

A new Daylesford distillery has won a bronze award at a New York competition. 

Picture: Roger McLean.

Picture: Roger McLean.

Terra Australis Distillery’s Navy Strength Gin won the bronze medal at the 2017 New York World Wine and Spirits Competition. The gin is 58.8 per cent alcohol. 

It will be a huge draw-card and of interest for both employment and tourists.

Roger McLean, Terra Australis Distillery owner

Terra Australis owner Roger McLean said it was a great achievement as he first began making the gin only two months before the competition. 

“What is special about it is the way the navy strength gin heats up the chest once you have swallowed it,” he said. 

“The Navy Strength was developed by Napoleon they say for his trip in the winter in France at war. It was taken by the English for their sailors and that’s where it gets the name navy strength from.”

Located in the old butter factory in Daylesford, parent company Herbal Lore Liquors have been expanding into a distillery. Terra Australis Distillery owners Roger McLean and Dr Sussane Herringslake are now making three gins and one vodka. 

“We will be opening our distillery officially shortly for seven days a week,” Mr McLean said. 

“It will be a huge draw-card and of interest for both employment and tourists to the distillery. With the distillery comes other businesses around them.”