Trentham doctor featured in Her Place: Women of Influence Exhibition

Trentham’s longest serving doctor is one of ten women honoured in a Clunes exhibition opening on Sunday. 

Gweneth Wisewould worked as a doctor in Trentham for 34 years from 1938 to 1972, driving a Dodge pick-up truck and dressed in men’s clothes and boots to treat patients. Her story will be featured in the Her Place: Women of Influence Exhibition at The Warehouse in Clunes.  

TRENTHAM DOCTOR: Dr Gweneth Wisewould in her motorcycle outfit.

TRENTHAM DOCTOR: Dr Gweneth Wisewould in her motorcycle outfit.

Trentham police leading senior constable Sharon Radau said she was inspired to find out more about Dr Wisewould after discovering her monument in Trentham’s High Street and read her book Outpost published in 1971 just before her death.

“I am only the second female police officer to have served Trentham over the past 151 years,” she said.

“Dr Wisewould is an inspiring role model.” 

Dr Wisewould fascinated Castlemaine resident Ian Baybrook. He wrote a book about her in 1993. 

“Gwenny was our family doctor until we moved away. She was a hero to our family. She didn’t leave many papers but after interviewing lots of people in Trentham and Melbourne I discovered she was a hero to many, not just my family,” he said. 

“She came from a very wealthy background but her heart was with the local spud growers and timber workers who were very poor.

“She was a marvelous doctor – very talented and was highly regarded as a surgeon in Melbourne.”

Women of Influence is Her Place Women’s Museum Australia’s fourth exhibition.

Biographies, video portraits and artifacts tell the stories of each woman featured. 

Her Place Women’s Museum chair Mary Stuart said it was important to recognise the contributions of women across all aspects of society. 

“So often the histories, stories and the amazing contributions women make remain untold,” she said. 

“Many regional women have been sidelined due to a metropolitan bias.” 

The exhibition runs from August 13 to September 3. Visit for more information and opening times.