Hub not needed in Trentham

Thank you Cate Graceson for your letter in last week’s Advocate. You provided the facts and figures that we here in Trentham needed to know. It explains why our hub proposal has been desperately rushed through. A grab for funding that will dry up over the next 10 years. 

Many of us are like many of you in Daylesford, we don’t want a modern glass building either – [one]  that detracts from the beauty of our historic town. The “now or never” threat that if we don’t get this hub now, we’ll never get anything, is rubbish. Let the community in 20 years – if it has reached the predicted population growth – decide if they want a new building. 

There are many small regional towns that are now crying out for schools, hospitals,and recreational areas that need the money more than we do. Trentham has assets. They are mostly privately owned, owned by non-government bodies and by the people, like our Mechanics Institute. We like it this way. 

The community has always had the weight of power in the development of the town. This has ensured locals get the work. However this should not mean the council refuses to help us maintain them. If council want to own an asset, then they can build their hub off the main street on the land they own in Victoria Street, not grab a valuable piece of land from the people. 

But most of us are perfectly happy with the facilities we have and count our blessings. 

Greed, politics and self interest have no place in Trentham.