New supermarkets in Daylesford can be exciting

RE: The article “Difficulties over Supermarket Site.” Yes, I do agree “boutique supermarket” is a very poor way to describe a new supermarket venture in any town. Boutique pal? Boutique meat and veg? 

I came to live in Daylesford a couple of years ago and now do all of my grocery shopping at the only supermarket in town. Previously, I had been shopping at the large friendly supermarket in Castlemaine. The difference was remarkable: variety, choice,  interesting new products from different nationalities, large and small companies all on show and able to compete with each other.

We are a developing and exciting community wanting to try new and interesting products. The only place to shop for the family food each week is a shop that thinks that we will fall for the “2 far” sign, that is fast destroying choice by swamping the shelves with their own brand, with labels that look so familiar to the original. 

Uniform flavour for all? No, we demand sophistication in variety and choice. We relish the chance to experiment and explore new products and let’s have fun shopping.

To the new supermarket group looking for a site in Daylesford, put it in a paddock and we will come.

Supermarkets do not depend on specialty shops, nor do they threaten the character of local specialty shops.

May I suggest to professor Peta Hawker, go to Castlemaine, get a trolley and immerse yourself in a happy shopping experience. You will meet so many people and have room to move and chat, and find new products. You may even find these products are locally made and tasty.