Author of World Peace Diet to speak in Daylesford

A rare opportunity exists to heari nternational speaker and best-selling author Dr Will Tuttle, who will be in Daylesford on Saturday, February 16.

Dr Tuttle will be offer a compelling and liberating new understanding of our food and our culture.

His best-selling book, The World Peace Diet, has been heralded as the harbinger of a new world. In it he presents a set of principles that shows how we can move our consciousness forward allowing us to become freer, more intelligent, more loving, and more content in the lives we lead.

Daylesford will be the final opportunity for an Australian audience to hear Dr Tuttle speak in Australia.

"One of the most liberating ideas raised in the book is that the problems we face in society can be solved by examining what's on our plate three times a day," said Natasha Cuculovski, facilitator and organiser of the tour.

"This connection between our food choices and our social and environmental problems is the elephant in the room."

The launch of the first regional branch of Vegetarian Victoria will coincide with Dr Tuttle's presentation in Daylesford.

Members of Vegetarian Victoria will meet in Daylesford's Himalaya Cafe for lunch at noon and interested members of the community are invited to join them.

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