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Eight ways to start paying it forward in 2023

From donating to charity to becoming a mentor, you can follow these tips to generate good karma for yourself this year. Picture from Shutterstock.
From donating to charity to becoming a mentor, you can follow these tips to generate good karma for yourself this year. Picture from Shutterstock.

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Life is all about striking the perfect balance, or trying your best anyway. It can be hard to juggle your work, family, social life, exercise, chores and other commitments.

Sometimes the scales tip one way, and then you put in some more effort to get them tilted the other way. It doesn't always pan out perfectly, but the attempt is what is important.

One thing that can help you achieve mental balance and a sense of fulfilment in life is paying it forward. What does this mean exactly? Think about paying someone back for a favour or some money you owe. Instead, you pay it forward and do someone else a solid, or pay the money forward instead of "back".

This helpful article will look at the year ahead, and we'll share eight ways you can start paying it forward in 2023. Read on to discover more.

Donate to charity

An excellent way to pay it forward is to donate to some charities in Australia. There are many charities in this country, all doing vital work. You might want to research and find out which ones most closely align with your values and sensibilities.

For instance, if you're passionate about the environment, you might donate to a wildlife charity, or if you believe in eradicating poverty, you could donate to a non-profit with this aim. You get the picture.

Volunteer in your community

Another great way to pay it forward is to volunteer in your local community. You might want to reach out to your local Neighbourhood House, your church, or another benevolent institution in your area.

Even if it's just for a few hours on the weekend, you'll be making a difference and generating that good karma.

Donate clothes and household items to charity

In addition to, or instead of, a monetary donation to a charity, you can do a cull of your old clothing and household items and donate them to a charity.

You'd be amazed at how much clothing you can accumulate over the years and how many books, ornaments, furniture and other stuff you have that you just don't use anymore.

Go through your belongings; if something hasn't been used or touched in a year, it probably means it is time for it to go.

Pay some coffees forward

If you can afford it, the next time you stop at a busy cafe in the city, pay for a few coffees ahead of you but stipulate that they are for the needy or homeless.

Some cafes will have a sign saying you can do this, so finding one should be easy. This way, those hard up can come and get a warm, energising beverage that you've paid forward.

Ask for birthday donations instead of gifts

For your birthday, you can request that your friends and family donate to a charity or charity of your choosing instead of buying you gifts.

This can be an excellent way to both raise money for a good cause and raise awareness of a small charity or non-profit organisation that does excellent work in the community.

Some social media platforms, such as Facebook, will facilitate this process by asking your friends list to donate for your birthday.

Become a mentor

Suppose you're experienced at work or have another teachable skill. In that case, you should consider offering to mentor a younger, less experienced colleague or friend.

You can share tips, knowledge, strategies and methods of working or creating something without expecting a return or profit. You could request that they pay it forward once they're in a position to offer their mentorship.

By becoming a mentor, you will find a deep sense of fulfilment and satisfaction by coaching someone younger and watching them bloom and blossom.

Visit an aged care facility

Unfortunately, some people living in aged care receive no visitors because they have no family.

You could genuinely brighten an older adult's day by visiting them, reading the paper to them, playing a card or board game or just sitting and chatting with them.

Be nice to customer service and hospitality staff

Some professions are sadly on the receiving end of customer ire, such as customer service staff and wait staff at cafes and restaurants.

No one deserves to be abused at work or have rude or snide comments made to them. It costs nothing to be friendly to staff you encounter when trying to resolve a problem with a utility service or when you're out at dinner.

Be friendly and pleasant to people in these roles; you will pay it forward through your actions.

A pay it forward summary

This article has shared eight ways to pay it forward in 2023. From donating to charity to becoming a mentor, you can follow these tips to generate good karma for yourself this year.

You'll also find that paying it forward feels excellent and can give you a sense of satisfaction that can be hard to come by otherwise.

Enjoy your new, generous vibe!