Saltie spotted taking in some sun

It's probably just as well Burke Shire Council is a pandemic-declared region as there are some locals you'd definitely want to keep a good social distance away from.

This 2m saltie was spotted by helicopter in Far North West Queensland and the video was posted on the Burke Shire Council Facebook page.

"A trip down the Leichhardt River for the Coastal Hazard Adaptation Strategy - we spot a potential hazard!" was the caption.

The croc was sunning itself on the bank when disturbed from the air and quickly made itself scarce in the water.

Croc seen from the air in the Burke Shire video.

Croc seen from the air in the Burke Shire video.

The journey was part of the state government funded QCoast2100 program to help communities prepare for coastal erosion and storm tide inundation which allows Gulf councils like Burke and Carpentaria to develop Coastal Hazard Adaptation Strategies.

The funding enables an examination of the entire coastline of Carpentaria Shire and the southern coastline of the Gulf of Carpentaria - in particular Burketown as it is on a tidal waterway.