60-shot win for Smeaton bowls team

RINK GOES SOUTH: Kevin Clohesy's team lost their game by seven at the weekend.
RINK GOES SOUTH: Kevin Clohesy's team lost their game by seven at the weekend.

It was mixed results across the board for all divisions of Smeaton Bowls Club during round one of the midweek and weekend pennant.

In Midweek on Monday, Smeaton's division one team went down by five shots in an incredibly tight game with Central Wendouree. Playing at home, the team put their all into their games with one win and two losses.

Barb Adam, Helen Jenkins, Laraine Toose and skip Helen Mizzeni's rink enjoyed a strong six shot win while Colin Toose, Sue Lafranchi, Kevin Clohesy and skip Rhonda Armstrong's rink went the other way, with the team losing by seven. Peter Kersley, Elizabeth Cosgrave, Judy Lafranchi and skip Jenny Toose's missed out by a mere four shots.

In division two, the tables were turned as Smeaton came out strong to defeat the Daylesford outfit by two shots. Bev Shaw, Joan Lafranchi, Miriam Haines and skip Graeme Perry secured an eight shot win. Smeaton's second rink of Maxine Rousch, Marilyn Stephens, Robyn Shaw and skip Keren May had a drawn game while Winston Pickering, Beth Davidson, Robyn Bradshaw and skip Kerry Leishman lost narrowly by six shots.

Smeaton's division three team secured a spectacular 60 shots win against Central Wendouree. Frances Muller, Ian Ross, Sue Richards and skip Bob Seamons won convincingly by 25 shots. Jenny Jolliffe's rink won by 17 shots and Jenny Tranter's won by 18 shots.

In weekend pennant, Smeaton's Division one team won by 19 shots. Geoff Pickering's rink up by nine shots, Jim Taylor's rink up by nine shots as well as Robert Mizzeni's rink up by seven.

In Division three, Smeaton travelled to Webbcona where it experienced a difficult game against the stronger Webbcona side, who defeated the former by 13 shots. Rhonda Armstrong's rink secured a 17 shot win, while Ian Ross, Miriam Haines, Keren May and skip Ron Leishman played out a draw.

However, the Division five team, playing at home made the club proud by winning by 14 shots. Smeaton division eight team played away to Learmonth and won both rinks. Carol McKay's rink won by 20 shots while Shane Slater's won by 17, sealing a Smeaton winning the day outright by 37 shots.