Man allegedly targets homes, vehicles in Creswick and Daylesford during short crime spree

A 21-year-old man allegedly broke into a series of vehicles and homes in Creswick and Daylesford a day after he was bailed, a court has been told.

Police allege Alec Wendon was responsible for the attempted thefts and a burglary on April 16 after he had used methylamphetamine at a friend's Creswick house.

The Ballarat Magistrates Court was told on Friday Wendon was arrested at Werribee on April 15 for thefts and he was bailed, but was back offending on April 16.

Police opposed his application for bail because it was alleged he would commit further offences. He had to show compelling reasons why he should be bailed.

Police informant Detective Senior Constable John Hageman told the court the accused was asked to leave the Creswick Forest Resort at 8pm on April 16 after he was harassing guests for cigarettes.

He said Wendon then gained entry to three cars parked outside the resort's units and stole $10 and two jackets.

The court was told Wendon, a plasterer, attended the Daylesford area where he allegedly targeted five properties, including four in Central Springs Road, Hepburn Springs.

Detective Senior Constable Hageman said at one of those properties, the accused gained entry to a car in a driveway but the owner recognised him after confronting him.

He said Wendon then gained entry to two more vehicles and damaged one of the vehicle's number plates. He allegedly removed six fly screens at one of the properties to try and gain access.

Wendon allegely attended a fifth property where he entered an unlocked bungalow. The police informant said the accused stole bank cards and a tin containing about $1000 cash.

He said Wendon left his mobile phone at the bunglow before he was located at Daylesford's Farmers Arms Hotel.

He was arrested and allegedly found to be in possession of a back pack containing $750 and bank cards beloning to one of the victims.

"His offending was prolific in a short period of time," Detective Senior Constable Hageman said.

Defence barrister Keith Boulton submitted his client was suitable for the Court Integrated Services Program, had family support and wanted to turn his life around and put his drug use behind him.

Magistrate Barry Schultz said Wendon's CISP report was supportive but he had not shown compelling reasons why he should be bailed.

He refused bail and remanded Wendon in custody until June.

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