Passing Clouds winery opens cellar doors for vintage celebration

WINE MAKERS: Passing Clouds' Cameron and Marion Leith. Photo: Brendan McCarthy
WINE MAKERS: Passing Clouds' Cameron and Marion Leith. Photo: Brendan McCarthy

PASSING CLOUDS Winery is opening its cellar doors to the public for a grape to wine experience later this month.

The vintage celebration will give visitors the opportunity to catch the train to the cellar doorstep and be a part of the wine creation process.

Visitors will follow the grape all the way to the table, meet the winemakers, taste the wine, learn about the techniques, stomp some grapes and enjoy the atmosphere and a four-course lunch.

Passing Clouds is run by Cameron and Marion Leith, with techniques learnt from Cameron's father, Graeme. 

Graeme Leith bought the Musk property in 1995 and planted the first grapes in 1998. The family had previously hand planted a vineyard at Bendigo, but moved all of their wine making equipment to Musk in 2010.

"It was a big call, but a good one. There is more water and more tourists here," Ms Leith said.

"Graeme always had this vision of having a cool climate vineyard like in France where it snows during winter and is beautiful during Autumn and Summer, but you never have super ripe fruit. It is challenging but it brings about a real delicate wine."

Ms Leith said vintage was harvest time when all the grapes were brought in and the wine making process began.

WINEMAKING: Cameron Leith. Photo: Brendan McCarthy

WINEMAKING: Cameron Leith. Photo: Brendan McCarthy

"We thought it would be nice to celebrate vintage with people here. It is a fun time of year when the winery is at its best," she said.

"Sometimes people lose that connection with where what they are drinking out of a bottle comes from so we hope fruit will be coming in on the day so people can see the crusher in action and grapes going down the chute."

Passing Clouds' range of wines come from two regions, with Shiraz, Cabernet and Merlot from Bendigo and Chardonnay and Pinot Noir from Musk.

Book tickets for the March 23 event through Eventbrite.