Tennis: Gossip Girls claim victory at Thursday twilight tennis

PLAY: A number of matches ended in draws last week.
PLAY: A number of matches ended in draws last week.

PLAYERS at Daylesford Lawn Tennis Club continued their summer sport matches with full courts and maximum enjoyment as several matches concluded with draws last week.

Twilight tennis players returned to the courts on Thursday evening.

The Gossip Girls set the tone of the night with a huge 38/10 win over Albert’s Aces. 

The Diamonds drew 24 apiece with The Pistols while Scrambled Legs drew with Hepburn Healthy.

Meanwhile, Primaries 28 chalked a win on the scoreboard against Secondaries 20.

Rod’s Rockets fizzled out 17 wins to Shenanigans’ 31.

The Saturday afternoon competition also provided plenty to see.

In section one, Jeremy Harper edged out his opponent Barry Dimond with 21 wins and 11 losses to Dimond’s 20/11.

Annette Rodda claimed the court in section two with her 22 wins and 11 losses over John Turnbull’s 20 wins and 13 losses.

Coming up in third was Gabe Kirby with 18 wins and 13 losses.