Curnow, Mytyk tie for club medal

Members of Creswick Golf Club contested the January Monthly Medal round from the Black Tees, with Don Curnow and Czes Mytyk tying for the honor. A playoff next month will decide the eventual winner. Curnow also won the daily award on countback from Mytyk and visitor John Nesci.

Don Curnow

Don Curnow

Don Curnow, 70 c/b; Czes Mytyk, 70 c/b; John Nesci, 70; Paul Medic, 72; Steve Macaulay, 73 c/b

Comp Balls: N Taylor, M Smith, T Kelly, R Block, J Taylor, D Marshall, S Slade, B Anstey, G Raworth, T Cunnington, J Mytyk, P Bates, M Loveless

NTP's: 3rd and 13th R Rosenow, 17th D Curnow

Punters: 8th R Cartledge

Magpie: 7th Mark Smith (Eagle)

Ferret: P Bates

Birdie: 6th D Marshall

Thursday Bag Boy results:

J. Green, 41; T. Cunnington, 37; M. Loveless, 35