An information evening will be hosted at Daylesford Secondary College

A dyslexia information night will be hosted at Daylesford Secondary College on Thursday, November 8.

Organised by Kim Percy, it is hoped the night will assist with reducing stigma and raising awareness to empower students to navigate the education system and succeed on their chosen career paths.

Ms Percy said many children were not diagnosed with the condition.

“Many struggle with reading, writing and maths. Some are the disruptive ones in class,” she said. “They are often creative, good at problem solving and have amazing insights. My son is one of these children. I have been researching dyslexia for a number of years.”

On the night, medical student Jemima and her father Peter Hutton will speak about their experiences of living with the condition to parents and teachers in order to help students with dyslexia get through their schooling.

“They acknowledge the challenge and focus on the positives of dyslexia,” Ms Percy said.

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