Smeaton enjoys victories in round five of pennant bowls season

Smeaton Bowls Club has had a mixed bag of results in the midweek and weekend rounds of the pennant bowls season. 

In the midweek rounds, Smeaton’s division one team enjoyed a strong 19 shot win over Sebastopol, placing them seventh on the ladder.

Elizabeth Cosgrave, Sue Lafranchi, Maureen Goldsmith and skip Jenny Toose’s rink won by nine shots, while Beth Davidson, Helen Jenkin, Judy Lafranchi and skip Helen Mizzeni’s rink won by a convincing fourteen shots to secure the win, despite Miriam Haines, Keren May, Rhonda Armstrong and skip Kevin Clohesy going down by four shots after a close game.

Over in division four, Smeaton played a tight game with City Oval before snagging a four shot win. Winston Pickering, Shane Slater, Kerry Leishman and skip Marilyn Stephens won their rink by thirteen shots before Peter Kersley, Robin Cawthan, Maxine Rousch and skip Bev Shaw won by six.

The division four team couldn’t catch a break as it went down by 46 shots to second last on the ladder Sebastopol, 92 to 46. But the club enjoyed more triumphs in the weekend pennant. Despite a strong performance, division one was unable to hold up against a stronger City Oval side who took the game by 31 shots. But the division four team sailed to another impressive victory, this time over Mt Xavier, with a 33 shot win, 103 to 70.

The highlight of the day came from Garry Fitzsimons, Ross Dimond, Helen Mizzeni and skip Robert McCrum who played great bowls from the beginning to end of the match, before securing a 24 shot win.  Next, David Pedretti, Miriam Haines, Graeme Perry and Ron Leishman’s rink fought their way back to be in the lead by three shots while Geoff May’s rink of Ian Ross, Laraine Toose and William Janetski also competed fiercely for an eight shot win.

Division six also had a huge win with a 16 shot victory over Ballarat Memorial Sports.

Russell Leishman, Gordon McKay, Keren May and skip Robin Cawthan led the way with a strong 24 shot win, before Reg Haintz, Ted Rumler, Geoff Pidgeon and their skip Robert Seamons secured a close two shot win. Further, Helen Jenkin, Sue Lafranchi, Elizabeth Cosgrave and skip Rhonda Armstrong won their by seven shots.

And last but definitely not least, the division nine team travelled to Beaufort to secure an incredible 41 shot win over the home side.

Wayne Ford and McKay’s David, Mervyn and skip Carol recorded a 22 shot win before skip Shane Slater’s rink of Aimee, Daryl and Judy Slater narrowly won by two shots, setting the tone for Kevin Lafranchi, Colin Toose, Norm Suckling and skip Bernie Charleson to cruise to an impressive 17 shot win.