Creswick wins first game of season

Two A-grade teams met with high hopes of breaking the duck during round four of Mount Prospect Tennis Association’s competition on Saturday.

Smeaton and Creswick faced off with hopes of getting on the winners board with the men’s, women’s and mixed doubles matches.

Smeaton welcomed back their much-missed former club champion Adam Sewell whose effect was noticeable from the get-go as he and Jayden Toole took the first men’s set 8-5 over Creswick’s Ryan Bolton and Peter Bertoncini. With both teams fighting for their first win, Creswick came back with their eye on the prize for their second and third sets, winning 4-8 and 7-8.

Meanwhile, over in the women’s sets, the tennis was tough with many long, intense rallies shared by both teams. Creswick’s Lily Fraser, Tayte Fraser and Amber Baker managed to win the first two women’s sets 6-8 and 5-8. But Smeaton’s Tracey Amarant, Jodie Liston and Libby Vanderkley kept their side right in the contest winning the final women’s set 8-3.

When it came to the mixed sets part of the contest, Creswick was well placed with their two game advantage. The first advantage went to Smeaton with Sewell and Amarant winning their mixed set 8-5, giving their team a one game lead.

Bertoncini and Fraser, meanwhile, ensured Creswick could regain the advantage by three games as they won the second mixed set 4-8.

And so the day came down to the final mixed set between Smeaton’s Rod Male and Libby Vanderkley and Creswick’s Griffin Andrews and Amber Baker. Andrews and Baker showed no signs of faltering throughout their set of strong tennis, locking in the team’s first win of the 2018-19 season with their 3-8 win. The result meant Creswick celebrated their first win by eight games.

Creswick’s team of Ryan Bolton, Peter Bertoncini, Griffin Andrews, Lily Fraser, Tayte Fraser, Amber Baker’s final score was 6/61. Smeaton’s Adam Sewell, Jayden Toole, Rod Male, Tracey Amarant, Jodie Long and Libby Vanderkley came in behind with a final score of 3/53.

Also in the A-grade, Kingston Black’s Calvin Noonan, Drew Elliot, Richie Robinson, Samantha Huggett, Rachel White and Tracey Holmes, 4/57, defeated Miners Rest’s Shane Burke, Euan Tait, Simon Remington, Rochelle Joyce, Seona Beacham and Nicky Barnett 5/54.