Daylesford Gig Guide, October 10

DIFFERENT: The unique stylings of synthesiser rock heavy World Turtle World are coming to Daylesford this week.

DIFFERENT: The unique stylings of synthesiser rock heavy World Turtle World are coming to Daylesford this week.

Wednesday, Live Piano Bar @ Spa Bar Daylesford

Thursday, Sean Dixon @ Spa Bar Daylesford

 A Daylesford-based singer-songwriter, self-taught on guitar and piano, Dixon has spent substantial parts of his youth travelling the world sharing his songs. From teaching guitar to kids in an orphanage in northern India to busking in the old town of Stockholm, he has shared his musical rhythm amongst many.

Friday, Live DJ, Pancho Combo @ Spa Bar Daylesford

Saturday, World Turtle World @ Spa Bar Daylesford

World Turtle World have incarnated into human form and settled on Earth in the rural town of Castlemaine. During breaks from this work, they formed a band. Their sound? Dynamic synthesiser rock. They take listeners through a sonic odyssey, weaving lyrical themes of esoteric poetry with the absurd, leaving audience and band members alike wondering which is which.

Friday, Friday Festivities @ Old Hepburn Hotel

Saturday, Michelle Parsons @ Old Hepburn Hotel

Parsons, a frequent visitor to the area – blues belter and fine interpreter of artists such as Melissa Etheridge and other classic acts – will return to the pub. She has built a reputation as one of Melbourne's top solo acoustic acts, and along with guitar virtuoso and vocalist Mark Hughes has formed one of the most popular music duos on the live circuit. Parsons is renowned for her on-stage presence.

Friday, Next Episode @ Blue Bean Cafe

Saturday, The Douglas Normans @ Blue Bean Cafe

Sunday, Open Mic @ Blue Bean Cafe

Sunday, Archie Roach and The Peace Choir @ Theatre Royal Castlemaine

Part of Mental Health Week, this is a celebration of the Peace Choir's 10 year-existence with a special performance by Archie Roach. The Peace Choir grew out of a desire to create opportunities that enabled local people to contribute to their own patterns of mental health, connection, peace and well-being – drawn together by the connecting threads of music, food, company and song. Many of the songs are written by Roach, who will headline this concert to celebrate the choir’s anniversary and raise funds for the Archie Roach Foundation.

Joshua Hedley

Joshua Hedley

Out On The Weekend, Williamstown

Local music lovers may be interested in this event, particularly as a number of the artist have played in the region over the past couple of years. 

Out On The Weekend is in its fifth year celebrating all-things Americana and it all takes place down at the awesomely refurbished Seaworks in Williamstown.

The line-up includes the first appearance down under for Nashville breakout star Margo Price, C.W. Stoneking (solo), a reunited Wagons and Willie Watson.

Also appearing are Courtney Marie Andrews, Birdcloud, , Roger Knox, a hand-selected contingent of local and international acts representing the wide breadth of the Americana genre and a very special celebration of The Byrds masterwork Sweetheart of the Rodeo that will be performed in its entirety. 

There’s a large amount of activities on offer including two-step dancing, venial record store, vintage clothing and more to go along with a fair spread of food vendors too. Take a trip out west for an Americana extravaganza!

General admission: $119.