Letter to the editor

Change the system

I am a student at the local high school (which shall remain nameless) studying year 12. This year has been one of the longest years of my life, it drags on and pulls at you like a ball and chain.

But I realise, this isn't special, this experience isn't something just I am experiencing. Most of us have, will, or did do it. But what does make mine and my generation’s experience exclusive is what and how we are taught.

It's something I've given much thought over the past months, thinking and comparing my learning and education to previous generations and other countries.

I've come to the conclusion this country does education horribly. We are not only at the peak of worst education systems in the world but the worst time to be taught in the world.

But it's not just me who believes this, ask anyone of my cohort and it will be the same response. Heck, ask the UN, they ranked our "young and free" land as 39 out of 41 for quality of education. 39. Let that sink in. One of the richest countries in the world is 39th in education. That is pathetic.

But what can be done to change this? The answer? Many things. But IS anything being done? No. Our spineless politicians stand in their respective green and red rooms arguing over bills and legislation that never get passed. For we are in a time where left and right politics are becoming more extreme. This, in turn, means education gets pushed to the back of the Liberal Party’s 'To-Do list.'

Not enough? How about how my generation, Gen Z, are constantly the butt of demeaning jokes and the target of hate. We are the first generation to have a smart phone in our 100 per cent of our lives. You'd think there would be something to combat this in the system. Something to make kids want to learn. But no, the most we've had was a phone free day. Again, there are things government could be doing to combat this. 

But I do believe there is a simple fix for this problem. Make the curriculum more interesting. If I have to be blatantly blunt about it: STOP COPYING THE FAILING AMERICAN SYSTEM!

Now, America has it worse, that's for sure, but yet I don't love there, I want the education system fixed in our screw up of a country first before other countries follow suit.

Here's my second last point. Instead of RANKING the year 12s at the end of the year and turning the whole year into, I quote my English teacher, "a competition." Maybe take a page out of any progressive country on the planet not make it so damn unfair.

And yes, before you all scream collectively at your papers, let me tell you, I don't have the answers. I don't have the key to the twisted Liberal Party castle. Maybe the politicians could see the state of what they have made and actively try to help.

But here's the thing. Any change made now I won't experience, but the next generation will, so I beg you, we should all be campaigning to change this corrupt system.

We don't want a nation of One Nation supporters, blindly following due to being uneducated, we want progressive thinkers, people who question the morals of the system and who campaign and become activists for change (much like yours truly). That's it from me, I'm sure an English class somewhere is going to analyse my argument in this piece.

-Callum Mckendry, Glenlyon