Girls show teamwork and perseverance

On an afternoon much more for flying kites or getting Dorothy to the land of Oz, our band of MiniRoo girls gave an ever improving performance at Morshead.

Luck was against the girls a few times in the game but they showed perseverance and great teamwork in a great second half. To see the girls support one another even when things don’t go their way shows that these girls are becoming something we are all proud of, a real team.

GROUP EFFORT: Daylesford and Hepburn United's MiniRoos girls are improving with every game. Photo: Supplied

GROUP EFFORT: Daylesford and Hepburn United's MiniRoos girls are improving with every game. Photo: Supplied

Mackey was immense in defense, often moving from left to right to repel attackers. She has shown such determination and grit this year and leads by example at the back.

Sierra Morgan played a more central role this week and showed a lot of strength and fight. She was a great starting point for the counter attack.

Sierra Benedict, coming back from mid-season rest, showed us what we have been missing with a bright and bubbly performance as she roamed around the field with great energy while Ava Koleski continued to show potential through the middle of the field from defense to midfield.

Ginger, showing respect for her teammates and club, turned up to the game despite being injured. She persevered as best she could and was rewarded with hot chips afterwards.

Livvy showed how playing weekly can improve one’s ability to understand the game- she gave a great performance down the wings, while her sister, Eve, showed pace and skill with the ball. We are eager to see what future the Rhighetti girls bring to Daylesford soccer.

Meanwhile, Ellah may have found her position in centre midfield, as she drove the ball forward and added to the team’s attacks in the second half.

Maddie is also showing poise with the ball. Her ability to pass and her position at centre forward is giving the girls a great target for passing.

She and Stevie have a great partnership and make a very dangerous duo for the other teams.

Monique Sutton has been a revelation in the second half of the season and her goal keeping in the second half and clearances gave the team great attacking edge.

Immogen delivered her best performance of the year in and out of goal, even if she did sack the coach and make him the assistant.

We welcome Coach Zoran back with open arms, as well as the dynamic duo of Zara and Neisa after their European fact finding and soccer development tour.

The girls are showing great improvement at each game and we hope they can bring the vigour they bring to training to the games as well.