A poetic soccer report of the miniroos game

GIRL POWER: Daylesford and Hepburn United Soccer Club's under 11s girls miniroos team has had a fantastic season.
GIRL POWER: Daylesford and Hepburn United Soccer Club's under 11s girls miniroos team has had a fantastic season.

T’was three days before Christmas (in July) that we start this story of the miniroos. Their socks pulled up to their knees with care, the parents watched on, glad to be there.

The children were ready to play at Morshead, as visions of glory, danced in their heads.

The parents, with cheers, and the coach with his plan, had just settled in, when the game began. When out on the field, there arose such a clatter.

People ran from afar to see what was the matter. Away to the sidelines, they flew like a flash. Took off their sunnies, and all drew a gasp.

The sun in the sky on the fake grass below, gave the lustre to game, was something to behold. 

Two fantastic teams of miniroos girls, one dressed in red and black, Daylesford was on the attack.

More rapid than eagles, they chased the game. As the parents cheered, and shouted and called them by name.

Come on Ginger, go Nookie, go Sierra and Stevie.

On Ellah, on Immy, go Maddie and Evie. Mac and Ava were fierce, while Nina would fly, and Livvy’s second start, gee how she tried.

All over the field, against the Strikers they flew, dribbling and passing and defending well too.

And with sun shining, we saw on the field, our miniroos girls, try not to yield.

With fantastic saves, and outfield play, Immy was one of the best on the day.

And Ellah with shoes, that almost looked new, terrorised the defence, with the tricks that she knew.

While Sierra again, learning her trade at right back, repelled many, of the opposition’s attacks.

Mackie’s tackling was strong with both feet, making the Strikers getting passed her, an uneasy feat.

Ginger, our redhead, with a great smile, tackled fearlessly all day, while showing great style.

Evie’s kicking of the ball, from when it is dead, soon made the opposition know they had something to dread.

Stevie played hard, each position she bossed, playing mid, back and goalie, while dancing the floss.

And Maddie, returned from her holiday, was amazing upfront, as she is every day.

With the team always improving, each shot like a missile, the fans were not wanting, to hear the final whistle.

But we heard them exclaim, when the whistle came, what a game to behold, when’s the next game?