An update from Springs Medical

After a spate of deaths during last year’s flu season, many people rushed to book appointments to get their flu vaccines this winter. 

However, due to an overwhelming demand, the nation is now facing a temporary shortage of the vaccine.

Springs Medical said it had a small supply for children under the age of three, but the vaccine was temporarily unavailable for healthy people between the ages of three and 64 years.

For people between those ages with at risk medical conditions as well as people who are 65 years and over, vaccine stock is extremely limited.

Springs Medical said its staff were working to contact clients who had made a flu vaccine booking to reschedule their appointments.

“It is good to see that our community is being vigilant with flu vaccines this year, although it was unforeseen just how many extra bookings have been made.

“We thank you for your patience at this time and will provide further updates via our website, patient information brochures and print media,” a spokesperson said.