Multiple parks across the shire vandalised

Public toilets in Clunes, Creswick and Daylesford have been repeatedly damaged by vandals the past couple of weeks. 

Vandals graffitied the freshly painted toilets at Daylesford skate park, meaning they required another repaint this week. 

Trees and playground equipment at the community park were also vandalised.

In Clunes’ Collins Place, fires were lit in the basins and paper dispensers of the public bathrooms. 

The ashes from the fire in Clunes.

The ashes from the fire in Clunes.

Hepburn Shire Council’s infrastructure general manager Bruce Lucas said acts of vandalism do not only cost the council, but also cost ratepayers.

“The recent vandalism at the public toilets in Daylesford, Creswick and Clunes cost both Council and the community because of the resources and contractors needed to repair the damage. 

“Across the three sites the damage bill is expected to be in the order of $5,000-6,000 for the removal of graffiti, repairs to electrical components, replacement of trees, additional cleaning and replacement of fittings such as paper towel dispensers and toilet seats.

“This required the closure of one facility until repairs were able to be completed.

“Sadly, there has been further graffiti at Daylesford Library and Calembeen Park in Creswick,” Mr Lucas said.

Victoria Police were made aware of the vandalism when a report was filed this week.

A spokesperson for Daylesford Police Station asked for anyone with information to contact them.

Police ask members of the community to contact 000 to report any suspicious activity around the skate park and nearby spaces.