Suns' Swallow earns brotherly advice

Gold Coast's David Swallow ( R) received brotherly advice for the Suns' AFL clash with the 'Roos.
Gold Coast's David Swallow ( R) received brotherly advice for the Suns' AFL clash with the 'Roos.

It took a while, but Gold Coast's David Swallow is finally able to get a bit out of brother Andrew when asking for tips on how to play North Melbourne.

The older Swallow wouldn't give anything away in the midst of his 224-game AFL career with the Kangaroos.

But with the former captain now in retirement, the Suns mainstay admitted it was no longer like trying to draw blood from a stone ahead of the two sides clashing in Cairns on Saturday night.

"He's obviously had a great career at North ... I've played against him and had that experience and (in retirement) he was able to shed some light on some of their mids," Swallow cheekily let slip on Wednesday ahead of the trip north.

Andrew's attempts to extend his career on the Gold Coast fell short and David has since suggested he would make a good addition to the Suns' coaching staff in retirement.

But the 25-year-old stopped short of saying whatever recent insight he had gained would sway the contest between two of 2017's weakest clubs in the Suns' favour.

Both sides finished with 6-16 records and have young lists.

"We're definitely respecting them, we know what they're capable of but definitely see it as an opportunity for us," he said.

Swallow is excited to play alongside former Gold Coast junior Lachie Weller, who will join him in the midfield after moving home from Fremantle in the off-season.

The seasoned 22-year-old adds experience alongside Swallow to complement the Suns' spread of raw talent.

"He's a great young player and he's played some good footy at Fremantle so it's good to have him come over, especially the fact that he wanted to come here," Swallow said.

"He's put on a fair bit of size since I've seen him last and is quite strong in the gym, so he definitely surprised me in that area."

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