Bringing life back into the CBD through GovHub

Bringing life back into the CBD

I went to the GovHub public information session last Saturday at the Mining Exchange. I was pleasantly surprised by the wealth of information on hand and the knowledge from those providing the information.

I liked what I saw – the connect of the GovHub with the Civic Hall, which will become a place for people providing open space and a light and airy atmosphere. The retention of a lower hall is also welcomed.  Thanks for listening and engaging. Congratulations to all concerned.

Ron Egeberg, Soldiers Hill

Many thanks to the GovHub Project Architect, Luke, City of Ballarat and all the other project presenters for an excellent job in the Mining Exchange on Saturday. But what is the State Government going to cause at peak traffic flow periods to Mair Street, Ballarat after they have built their GovHub office building for 1,000  administration workers, plus café and retail staff and customers at the site.

Some staff may be walking to the railways station and bus interchange at the station as well as some living in the block of new apartments on what is now railway land and free public car parking. Some might even cycle to work and ride the new VicRoads bike paths that are planned. The Civic Hall alongside should have been fully refurbished by the time that GovHub is finished and available for community use. Or, am I being overly optimistic and have been sucked in by all the grand ideas?

David Chadderton, Wendouree

Medical safety always the first priroity

In relation to the demonstration over what was described as "disrespectful labour", I note that the formal complaint was given an appropriate dismissal by the medical regulating organisation AHPRA. Childbirth is the most dangerous day in the life of mother and baby, and millions of mothers and babies have perished from unskilled or unassisted deliveries over millennia. We have, in Australia, extremely low maternal and foetal death rates due to world class skills held by midwives and obstetricians.

Unfortunately, some women feel that the birth process can be predicted and micromanaged by themselves at all times. It simply doesn't work like that: foetal distress comes on quickly and has catastrophic consequences for the tardy or unaware professional. The outcome of healthy mother, healthy baby trumps any concept of consumer satisfaction in this regard, and if it appears that there are "no beg pardons" then consider the rights of the baby trying to enter the world in a safe manner. Hurt feelings over not controlling the process come a poor second.

Jim Sanders, Invermay

opposite of a hero

"The opposite of a hero is not a villain: it's a bystander." (Matt Langdon) Should not our politicians aspire to be the heroes of our nation? Yet how many are content to be bystanders when it comes to the matter of asylum seekers in detention? What a poor example they are setting for their constituents. Surely it is time for them to rebel against cruel and illegal party policies and govern from the heart. (Matt Langdon is the founder and chair of the Hero Construction Company, and creator of the Hero Round Table conferences. He is also my grandson.)

Diane Collacott, Ballarat

Less than expected

The threatened "Pluvial Apocalypse" failed to eventuate. The forecast state-wide Great Deluge turned out to be a non event, despite all the high tech services available to forecasters. The meteorological experts simply got it wrong. The predicted storm of the century turned out to be a fizzer for most of Victoria. Thankfully. The merciful, god of rain, Jupiter Pluvius, be praised.

The reactivation of the derelict Civic Hall site with 1000 office workers promises to revitalise a section of the Ballarat CBD.

The reactivation of the derelict Civic Hall site with 1000 office workers promises to revitalise a section of the Ballarat CBD.

Michael J Gamble, Belmont

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