Time to celebrate all things agriculture in the Ballarat region

AUSTRALIA is gearing up to celebrate one of its most culturally, economically and historically important sectors – agriculture. 

Fostering a sense of pride for all those working in the agricultural sector is the motivation behind a new national initiative, National Agriculture and Related Industry Day. The brainchild of Gina Rinehart, National Farmers Federation will take the lead in running National AgDay – supported by the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources and the department’s former minister and Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce and a host of farm industry groups.

“This is a day for people who grow food, eat food and move food,” National Farmers Federation president Fiona Simson said. “On AgDay there are many ways you can rejoice in our primary production prowess.”

Here in the Hepburn Shire, we recognise the importance of agriculture to our community.

Our farmers grow, eat and move food and they contribute to clothing our communities on a local and a larger scale. Whether that be the potato farmers, the truffle producers or the canola growers, each and everyone of you makes a valuable contribution.

But this contribution can be lost on our metropolitan-based friends. National AgDay encourages people to host a community barbecue and celebrate the contribution agriculture makes to our economic and social fabric.

“In 2016-2017 agricultural production was valued at $60 billion – that’s on-farm alone. Agriculture is Australia’s second largest export industry. The farm sector is also the powerhouse behind our regional communities,” said Ms Rinehart, the Hancock Prospecting Group executive chairman and Kidman & Co executive chairman. 

“No matter what town it is in Australia, agriculture provides employment opportunities and supports small businesses that keep our country towns ticking.”

Mr Joyce, said all Australians could feel a sense of pride in the nation’s contribution to feeding and clothing the world.

“Australian produce is renowned and enjoyed the world over – from our chickpeas in India, our lamb in Saudi Arabia, Aussie beef in fine Japanese restaurants and Australian wine across the globe,” Mr Joyce said. 

“The enviable properties of Australian wool and cotton see it featured on runways in Paris and Milan as well as on the backs of everyday global citizens.”   

National AgDay is on November 21.