Daylesford Cinema closing for hub works

Daylesford Cinema will close during development of the new Hepburn Hub at The Rex.

The cinema held it’s final screenings before closure on the weekend of October 21. Construction will now begin on the new cinema as part of the Hepburn Hub. 

Despite hopes to continue a limited operation of the cinema during construction, fire and safety regulations mean the building cannot be partly opened to the public once works begin. 

In an email to Daylesford Cinema members, operators said the closure of the cinema was unforeseen. 

“We had hoped to be able to provide a limited service on weekends during the construction of the new cinema and the council had been working with us to achieve that.. This week we received the news that... once works start on the building it cannot be partly opened to the public.

“This was not news we wanted to hear, but we understand that this development was unforeseen by all involved.”

“It is disappointing as we hoped to be able to provide a limited service to the community during construction,” a Facebook post read. 

The completion date of the new cinema is not yet confirmed.