Our Future | Business solar projects pay for themselves from day one

Right now, you’re paying more money than you need to be for energy. Why? Because of the widely-held misconception that traditional energy is still cheaper than solar. 

It’s not!

This misunderstanding is costing everyone – from individual shop owners to giant shopping centres – significant money through bloated electricity bills.  

The political argy bargy on energy has distracted from the fact that the price of solar has experienced a historic drop that even the smartest energy experts failed to predict. 

The result? Today, virtually every business in regional Australia can save money with solar. 

It’s actually cheaper to borrow money and invest in a solar installation than it is to pay your current energy bills.

In many instances, the business case for solar today is 50 to100 per cent stronger than it was just 12 months ago.

Typically, the return on investment is around three years and reputable commercial installers guarantee the system for five years – so there’s zero risk.

In fact, solar projects are now cash flow positive from day one, meaning that even after loan repayments are taken into account a business will spend less from the start.

Sometimes, reducing energy consumption through solar can also enable that business to save significant amounts on its remaining retail account, in some cases doubling the savings.

Not only that, but solar systems are still eligible for rebates that can cover up to a third of the upfront cost.

The bottom line?

If any of this is coming as a surprise to you then it’s time to sit down, re-assess and take a serious look at your energy options.

Nathan Henkes is a part-owner of Smart Commercial Solar. For more details, visit www.smartcommercialsolar.com.au

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