Daylesford Gig Guide, October 19-22

ECLECTIC:  Justin Townes Earle's latest album shows off his love of blues-based country music and Memphis soul.
ECLECTIC: Justin Townes Earle's latest album shows off his love of blues-based country music and Memphis soul.

Saturday, Justin Townes Earle and Band @ Theatre Royal Castlemaine

Since launching his recording career a decade ago, Earle has been a prominent figure in the broad genre known as Americana.

For his seventh album, Kids in the Street, Earle has recorded a soulful set, combining his love of blues-based country music with that of Memphis soul and even a faithful recording of Paul Simon’s Graceland.

Earle has been quoted in interviews as regarding this as his most bluesy album. The album also includes an updated version of Staglee, recontextualised to modern times, and a wonderfully poignant title track.

Born in Nashville on January 4, 1982, Earle grew up as the son of country-rock legend Steve Earle, who gave him his middle name in honour of the great Texas songwriter Townes Van Zandt.  Traversing the common ground of blues, country and folk, he has been astonishingly prolific since the release of 2007 EP Yuma. He has also been a regular visitor to our shores. He will be supported at this gig by fellow US artist Joshua Hedley.

Saturday, Slim Fit Low Wasters @ The Spa Bar Daylesford

Rising from the ashes of the Mockbells, Slim Fit and Low Wasters will unleash their infectious mix of songs that they stole and songs that they made up. Combining searing solos and banging rhythms, enjoy the jump blues and swingin’ sounds of some of the best in town.

Friday, Gleny Rae Virus with Rob Luckey and The Luckey Bastards @ Old Hepburn Hotel

Honkytonk is making a revival, as a group of talented country musicians hit the road to lure people back to the local pub dance floor.

Paying tribute to the great touring acts of the honkytonk heyday, the Honkytonk Merry Go Round Tour features Rob Luckey and the Luckey Bastards, with guests Kate Oliver and Gleny Rae Virus. Virus has been a member of some pretty good country bands over the years, including The Junes and Toe Sucking Cowgirls. 

Friday, Scott Fraser @ Blue Bean Cafe, Hepburn Springs

Saturday, Nick Noon @ Blue Bean Cafe, Hepburn Springs

Sunday, Night Elk @ Blue Bean Cafe, Hepburn Springs