Community Journalism Day- How you can tell your story

TELLING your story has never been easier. 

Whether it be a wedding or baby photo, letter to the editor, a story and picture about the local town fete, sports results or if you’ve spotted a news item, you can now get your content in front of an editor with a few easy clicks.

The most efficient and easy way to get your content published is by sending it to us by mobile phone, tablet or desktop computer. This is how:

Step 1: Go to your masthead website

Step 2: Click on the Community section

Step 3: Click on Send us Your News

Step 4: Click on the appropriate form (Babies, Weddings, Pets, Letters, Sports Results. Got a Story? etc)

Step 5: Follow the instructions to upload your photos and words

Step 6: Hit submit

We’ll do the rest.

Community portal and forms explainer

If you have a regular column or result you want published, it’s best to discuss this with newsrooms leaders. Find your local contact points in the “Contact Us” section online.