Daylesford jobs tour shows community services

Daylesford Neighbourhood Centre is offering locals a jobs tour to see options for employment in the community services sector. 

Albert Street, Daylesford.

Albert Street, Daylesford.

The Magical Industry Jobs Tour visits organisations that employ people in community services. 

Daylesford Neighbourhood Centre acting manager Claire McKenna said the program aimed to take away the “mystery” that surrounds work in the community services sector. 

“People are told there are jobs in the community services sector but have no understanding of what the sector has on offer,” Ms McKenna said. 

Facilitator Brenda Muscat said the tour was an chance to talk to people working in the community service sector.

“It is an opportunity to see firsthand how organisations roll out their community service programs on the ground… and to get tips from organisations themselves on the best way to gain employment,” she said.

The tour sets off on October 11 and will run every Wednesday 9.30am to 2.30pm until November 15.  Contact Daylesford Neighbourhood Centre on 03 5348 3569 for more information and to make bookings.