Postal vote for all issues?

IN light of the precedent set by the postal survey on equal marriage on the basis that it is an 'important issue' I look forward to future postal surveys on other profoundly important issues such as Australia's involvement in distant military conflicts, renewable energy, the four day week, reduced taxation, defence spending, free health cover, legalised drug use, free electricity, free beer, more public holidays, etc.

Government by the Australian Bureau of Statistics should be at least an improvement on Malcolm Turnbull.

- Pat Hockey, Clunes

A deeper look at water

RE: The Artists View piece in The Advocate of September 6, 2017:

The person looked in his glass of water and saw his reflection, I encourage a deeper look to see the water treatment plant that supplies the water. This plant operates continuously to keep ourselves and families healthy and ready to face their daily activities.

The person should also be aware that his toilet needs the same facilities, plus additional treatment equipment which handles this human waste efficiently so that it does not threaten our continued good health.

Both of these essential plants require reliable and secure electricity supply, a supply which billions of people do not have access to for such basics and pay a heavy price in life expectancy.

The writer left us with the thought that “When you turn on the power, remember its source” – I would suggest an alternative ‘when you turn on the power, be thankful that it is available to help in your life and hope that the present disaster in government policies destroying reliable, secure and low cost electricity is ended soon’.

He would have also done better to look into the government report on the Hazelwood mine fire than his water bowl. There he would realise that he made untrue statements to us on the cause of that fire. The fire was not started by spontaneous combustion within the coal body but was started by major bushfire activity in the area which spotted into the mine and started the fire.

- Jim Stewart, Smeaton