Newlyn’s sign about voting ‘no’ turns rainbow

UPDATE: Advocates for same-sex marriage have struck back in Newlyn, donning a rainbow flag on a sign outside the town that has become a focal point in the national debate.

It comes after a placard supporting the “no” vote was strung up on the same sign earlier in the week.

Newlyn resident Becky Newton said she decided to fly the rainbow flag as she was concerned about what message the original sign would send to passersby.

“When we first moved here about 10 years ago, I think it was quite conservative, but now there’s more young families, and the ‘no’ sign was not representative of a lot of us,” she said.

“I saw it on my way to work with my young daughter in the car and I was so upset.

“I talked to her about it, saying that’s not how we feel and it’s not up for others to put up that sign and make that assumption.”

The postal vote to ask residents across the Ballarat region if they support same-sex marriage will be sent out on Tuesday after the High Court said it could go ahead yesterday.


POSTAL VOTE: A sign supporting the "no" side was erected in Newlyn.

POSTAL VOTE: A sign supporting the "no" side was erected in Newlyn.

A mother in a same-sex relationship says she pulled down a sign in Newlyn supporting the “no” side in the upcoming postal vote on marriage equality because it was not representative of the community.

Michelle Roberts was driving into town when she first noticed the placard, which was strung up on a sign along a road.

“It was placed in a position that implied it spoke for the entire town,” she told The Courier.

“Many people in Newlyn and driving through would be hurt by that sign.

“It reminded me of all the years I have felt ‘not good enough’ or hated because of my sexuality.

“But I am a good person.

“I have worked in welfare fields helping others for almost 30 years.

“My children and partner are wonderful caring people.”

Ms Roberts said she was concerned that material in the campaign leading up to the postal survey on September 12 would be hurtful to many, especially young people.