Proposal for $1.3 million upgrade to Basin Reserve lodged with council

An eager motoring enthusiast is proposing to deliver a $1.3 million upgrade to Daylesford’s Basin Reserve in order to turn the local speedway into a hub for motor sport throughout the state. 

Cars at a recent Daylesford Speedway meet.  Picture: Daylesford Speedway.

Cars at a recent Daylesford Speedway meet. Picture: Daylesford Speedway.

The lease of the reserve was due to go before the Hepburn Shire Council at last month’s meeting as a confidential item, however the issue was postponed after the proposal was made known to councillors.

Given we already have infrastructure in place...I’m confident we will get the all clear from council.

Casey Bandy - Speedway president

The proposal put forward by Peter Chettleburgh was originally lodged with council back in August, however an administrative error meant the request was not seen by councillors.

Mr Chettleburgh said while the speedway had played a critical role in developing drivers throughout the region, it was in need of upgrades to help lure more high profile racing to the region. 

“Almost all people who race speedway start out in Daylesford, but it’s stagnated,” Mr Chettleburgh said. 

Hepburn Shire mayor Sebastian Klein said council officers would be in touch with Mr Chettleburgh “in coming days” following a question regarding the proposal at the February council meeting. However Mr Chettleburgh said he was yet to receive contact from council officers. 

The speedway which has been operating since 1955 is leased by the Daylesford Speedway Drivers Association. 

The association had been advised it would need to reapply for the lease by September 2016, which would then be reviewed. 

DSDA president Casey Bandy said the organisation had given council all of the necessary paperwork before the September deadline.  

He said the organisation had been carrying out regular upgrades and would continue to use it until told otherwise. 

“Given we already have infrastructure in place and members and upwards of 40 cars attending each meet I’m confident we will get the all clear from council,” Mr Bandy said.   

The Hepburn Shire Council was contacted for comment but failed to respond.