Trentham icon honoured

Iconic Trentham citizen and doctor Gweneth Wisewould will be honoured as part of the 2017 Trentham Art and Craft Show, with the annual event set to name its newest prize after the town’s pioneer. 

Artist Rose Wilson

Artist Rose Wilson

Originally from Brighton in Melbourne, Dr Wisewould became a crucial member of Trentham during her time as the town’s doctor which began back in 1938.  She remained an active contributor to the town until her passing in 1972 at the age of 87. 

The new award will be dedicated to the best portrait on show, with the winner set to take home a $500 cheque. 

The award will be funded by renowned local artist Rose Wilson, whose work has routinely been shortlisted for some of the county’s top art accolades including the Archibald, the Doug Moran Portrait Prize and the Black Swan Portrait Prize.  

Ms Wilson said the discipline was often overlooked in regional art shows for more popular genres such as landscapes due to their potential to sell. 

“Even though (portrait) is one of the most popular genres for people to look at a lot of regional shows don’t have a dedicated award,” Ms Wilson said.  “People like to connect with portraits but are more likely to buy a landscape or an abstract.”  

Ms Wilson was inspired to name the award after Dr Wisewould after participating in a play based on the life of the author and medical practitioner titled ‘Through The Mist’.  

“She was a bit of a bohemian and a powerful matriarch and she stuck in my mind when thinking of what to name the award,” Ms Wilson said.  “She was basically known as the robin hood of the region and she did a lot of work for people who couldn't afford it.

“Every week she’d go to the Blackwood pub and people would lay on the bar bench and she’d work on them.”

Set to be held across the Easter long weekend, the prize for the artwork named best in show will double in 2017 to $1000.

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