Clunes’ good week on greens


Clunes skippers Lee Dixon and Narelle Vorbach were able to win their rinks against Mt Xavier by five and 11 respectively. In a tight finish, Mt Xavier won by three shots.



Clunes was able to win all four rinks against host team Daylesford. John  Amao won by two and and Arno Van Berkel’s by four, with Clunes eventually winning by three shots. Craig Drewer won by six shots and Mark  Byrne’s rink by 15 shots to ensure Clunes won by a 26-shot margin.


Clunes played the Victoria Club. Andrew Ingram’s rink won by seven shots, John Dellavedova’s by eight and Alan Carnegie’s rink won with  the  last  bowl of the  day. 

Mark Vorbach’s rink with John Millar, Lee Dixon and Nathan Duggan powered to a 24-shot victory. Clunes had a 40-shot win.

Vorbach’s rink was declared the best performed Clunes rink for the week.