Bromley looks through Blackman's eyes

Front row (seated): Bertie Blackman, Felix Blackman, back row (standing) Yuge Bromley and David Bromley.
Front row (seated): Bertie Blackman, Felix Blackman, back row (standing) Yuge Bromley and David Bromley.

DAYLESFORD artist David Bromley has "taken on the soul" of Charles Blackman as part of a new collaboration. 

Since he was a young boy dreaming of art, Bromley looked up to Blackman as a mythical figure - someone who transcended everyday art.

Now, he and his wife Yuge have been given the honour of being creative guardians of Blackman Studio, which will produce new artifact collections that propagate Blackman's extraordinary legacy.

"We will be his mind and his hands as much as we possibly can where he can't," Bromley says. 

"It's not just an honour to be able to work with a childhood hero, but we can fully embrace and dive into pool that is a person’s lifetime's work. 

"We've been interacting with him and he has shown great pleasure in what he’s seen so far."

The collaboration Blackman + Bromley will be exhibited in Melbourne, as well as at Bromley's East Street Daylesford studio. 

The collection will cover many facets of Blackman, from original works to a catalogue of major sculptural bronzes, studio collages, limited edition prints, quilts, embroideries, ceramics and cards.

It's designed to share the complex life of Blackman, who now suffers from ill health. 

"Charles has been through four marriages, alcoholism - it's the challenge in history of all of the paths have to walk to get by as a creative person," Bromley said. 

"He’s one of the last men standing from that era and is immensely fragile.

"He comes from a time when there were a lot of tangible themes, but he delved into playfulness, mystery, and that boyishness."

The exhibition will open on May 9, concluding in June 2015.

It will be held at 45A Vincent Street, and 39 East Street, Daylesford open Saturday and Sunday or via appointment.

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