Time to cull cruel duck shooting - a ‘sport’ that kills

It’s that time again. Inspite of Victoria’s lakes and wetlands being dry or drying out, the state government has given the go-ahead to have a three-month duck shooting season. 

In some years of drought and reduced duck numbers, the government of the day cancelled or curtailed the season.

Not so this year: the duck shooting season will go ahead and to make sure that the shooters aren’t deprived of their sport, some wetlands have been artificially filled prior to this year’s opening weekend on March 21. 

Did you know that children from the age of 12 can, with their guns, join in this activity with their elders; and that during duck shooting season, endangered, rare and uncommon species of water birds such as freckled duck, pink-eared duck and grebe are also shot?

Isn’t it time this cruel practice of shooting native birds for sport came was treated as unacceptable in a civilised society?