GALLERY: 63rd Daylesford Highland Gathering

A 92-YEAR-OLD band major led a group of dedicated musicians at the 63rd Highland Gathering on Saturday.  

The annual event was a showcase for the senses, featuring massed bands, a sea of kilts, Scottish food and highland dancing competitions.

President Keith Pyers said bad weather in Ballarat might have deterred some from making the trip, but overall the event was a success.

"There were thousands of people taking part and enjoying the spectacular show," he said. 

"We had 12 clan tents erected, 30 machines from the Rolls Royce Owners Club, and 14 bands in attendance as well as the massed bands all out there together.

"It was quite a sight to see."

Mr Pyers said there had been "some competition" between the highland dancers, but it was all in the spirit of the day. 

"One of the notable speakers made a very appealing speech about how Scots have been moulded together by different races, and the hope is that that will be Australia's future too."